Legal Technology, Standing Committee on

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The mission of ISBA Standing Committee on Legal Technology

  • to advise ISBA members on the implementation of technology in their law practices;
  • to advise other ISBA section and committees on proposed projects;
  • to advise other legal entities on the development of programs and systems to better circulate information to the public and expedite the practice of law on all levels;
  • to develop a communications network for use of ISBA members, with membership on the system available upon membership in the ISBA;
  • to serve as a clearinghouse for technical information; and
  • to serve as a liaison between the ISBA and other bar associations, as well as nonlegal entities which address technology issues.

Legal Technology Questions?

Have a question about legal technology? Email and the Standing Committee on Legal Technology will email you the answer and publish the question and answer anonymously in the next CoLT newsletter in the AskCoLT column to help others who may have had the same question.