The ISBA Member Mark

A Benefit of Membership

membermark imageThe ISBA Member Mark can be used by ISBA active members* to denote their membership in the association when advertising their services to the public.

Why use the ISBA Member Mark?

To show your commitment to the profession.

Requirements for Use of the ISBA Member Mark

The ISBA Member Markā„  can be used by ISBA active members* who have completed the ISBA Member Mark License Agreement process and agree to follow the terms and conditions of use. For more information on the requirements, please refer to the FAQs section.

The ISBA Member Mark License Agreement

If you are an ISBA active member and would like to begin using the ISBA Member Mark, the first step is to fill out and submit the ISBA Member Mark License Agreement.

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* Active Member must: (a) be a member of ISBA who is current on dues payments; (b) must meet the definition of Active Member under the ISBA by-laws. Active Member is defined by ISBA bylaws, Sec. 1.1, as "consisting of members of the legal profession licensed to practice or under an Order of Suspension in effect not in excess of 12 months, who either reside or practice in the State of Illinois."