A new option for new lawyers: Your first downtown office

The Details:

What: FREE downtown office space

Where: ISBA Mutual
20 S. Clark St., 8th Floor

When: Weekdays between 8 a.m.
and 6 p.m.

Who can use: Any Illinois lawyer

For more info, call ISBA Mutual: (800) 473-4722

You’re a young lawyer, still establishing your base. You may be trying to make a good impression on a new prospective client. Perhaps you are interviewing your first potential hire for your solo practice. Maybe you just need a place to respond to e-mails. Or you are simply seeking a calming space to unwind between meetings and court dates while downtown.

Sometimes your home office (at the moment, your kitchen table) won’t cut it for interviews. Besides, the scenery is kind of tired. And even though you enjoy chatting with your local baristas over a caramel macchiato, coffee shops just don’t give you the kind of privacy your legal career often demands. Essentially, what you need an “office away from the office.

There is a fitting new option that you may not yet be aware of: the ISBA Mutual’s new offices in downtown Chicago. The newly renovated space is conveniently located at 20 S. Clark Street, just one floor beneath the Illinois State Bar Association. It’s a short walk to public transportation, courthouses, government offices and, because there is sometimes life after work, great theater and dining options, too.

And better yet? It’s free!

When the ISBA Mutual was planning to create a new space, a key consideration was to configure an environment where lawyers would be able to have a convenient location to conduct work, networking activities, and even CLEs. With a contemporary design and modern decor, the ISBA Mutual space meets a host of needs.

For those who enjoy working in a coffeehouse environment, you’ll surely appreciate the Mutual’s Internet café. There you’ll find bar style seating for casual conversations or café tables to spread out your work. While there you are welcome to use the complimentary WiFi or to catch up a segment of Court TV on the big screen television. Enjoy all of the delicious coffee and tea your palate desires, all while overlooking a breathtaking view of Chicago’s skyline.

If your work demands more privacy, the space also features four “micro-offices.” These spaces are just the right fit for confidential phone calls or a distraction-free work zone. Adjacent to the offices you will find a meeting space where you can collaborate with colleagues.

And if you ever need an area to host a group gathering or depose witnesses, the ISBA Mutual space offers two conference rooms to suit your needs. Both feature state-of-the-art technology – from media streaming transceivers to a conference call system that is integrated into the audio system – and easily accessible power sources with USB charging capabilities.

All of these spaces are open and accessible to you at no charge between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. “It makes sense for us to have a literal open-door policy for Illinois lawyers, whether they’re insured by us or not,” says Chair of the ISBA Mutual Board, John Theis. Reservations aren’t necessary. Just drop by and visit the space. Whether it’s the Internet café or micro offices, you’re sure to find a practical location to suit your needs.

The author works from the ISBA Mutual's new Chicago office.

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