Page Vault

ISBA members enjoy a 10% discount on Page Vault On Demand - web content collection services, and a 10% discount on any monthly subscription plan or a 20% discount on any annual package for Page Vault Browser.

PAGE VAULT helps legal professionals save and print web content in a way that is easy to authenticate. Our solutions capture web content—webpages, websites, social media, videos—exactly as it appears online, include key metadata, and generate standard PDF files. We offer both software and vendor services that accommodate projects of any volume or complexity.

Easily Capture Webpages For Legal Use

  • Easy: Surf to a webpage and click – Page Vault does the rest
  • Quick: Make professional webpage captures in seconds
  • Legally Defensible: Remote browser preserves the chain of custody
  • Safe and Anonymous: Insulates user from malware and tracking
  • Affidavits Available: Page Vault is a trusted third party

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