Brown v. Advocate South Suburban Hospital

Federal 7th Circuit Court
Civil Court
Employment Discrimination
Case Number: 
No. 12-1135
Decision Date: 
November 21, 2012
Federal District: 
N.D. Ill., E. Div.
Dist. Ct. did not err in granting defendant-employer’s motion for summary judgment in Title VII action alleging that defendant failed to grant plaintiffs' requested transfers to other nursing positions on account of their race and in retaliation for having protested discrimination. Plaintiffs failed to present any evidence to support their contention that other less-qualified co-workers received requested transfers or better shifts to support race discrimination claims. Moreover, plaintiffs' claims that they were racially harassed by unfair criticism from their supervisors lacked evidentiary support. Also, plaintiffs’ allegation in retaliation claim that their supervisors gave them “cold shoulder” because of their prior discrimination complaints did not qualify as adverse act, and plaintiffs failed to show that relevant decision-makers with respect to their denied transfers were aware of plaintiffs’ prior discrimination complaints.