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Satisfy your 15-Hour Illinois Supreme Court newly admitted attorney MCLE requirement with the ISBA – for free! As a complimentary ISBA member during your first year of bar admission, you can select your compliance methods through the ISBA at no cost! Activate your complimentary ISBA new attorney membership.

MCLE Requirements

test alt textNewly Admitted Attorneys

Newly admitted attorneys have special requirements for your first year of admittance. Your choices include taking a Basic Skills course, participating in an approved mentoring program, or selecting other MCLE courses of interest.

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General Requirements

Illinois lawyers must complete 30 hours of MCLE credit including 6 hours of PMCLE credit every 2 years. The reporting period starts July 1 and your reporting period is based on the first letter of your last name.

CLE Options

Basic SkillsBasic Skills for Newly Admitted Attorneys

Take advantage of ISBA’s online Free CLE member benefit to help satisfy MCLE requirements for your first year of admittance with ISBA’s outstanding On-Demand Basic Skills Course designed to equip you with the information you need as a new Illinois attorney.

Free CLEFree On-Demand CLE

As an ISBA member you can take up to 15 hours of Free On-Demand CLE per bar year from our huge selection of online archived programs in streaming and podcast formats.

In-Person CLELive On-site CLE for Only $25

ISBA members who have been practicing for five years or less can attend most live on-site CLE programs for only $25! It is a great way to meet fellow attorneys. Find live on-site CLE on our upcoming events calendar.

Live online and remote CLEOther CLE Formats

  • Live Online Webinars and Webcasts
  • Podcasts, CDs, and DVDs

Upcoming CLE for New Lawyers

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