Judicial Evaluations & Advisory Polls

To aid Illinois voters in their responsibility to elect and retain judges, the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) provides public information about the qualifications of judicial candidates and judges seeking retention. For most judicial offices, ISBA will provide either an evaluation (reflecting the views of the ISBA) or a poll rating (reflecting solely the views of lawyers in the appropriate area choosing to participate in the poll). In the case of Supreme and Appellate court candidates outside of Cook County, ISBA provides both evaluations and poll ratings.

Cook County

The “Sitting Judge” and “Non-Sitting Judge” Questionnaires are utilized by members of the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening for individuals seeking judicial appointments, vacancies and retention for Cook County only.

Cook County judges seeking retention, appellate, or supreme court vacancy, please Request Application for Sitting Judge Questionaire

Candidates seeking judicial vacancy, please Request Application for Non-Sitting Judge Questionaire

Outside Cook County

ISBA members (outside Cook County) automatically receive a Judicial Advisory Poll ballot for individuals seeking election or judges seeking retention or reappointment within their circuit.

Attorneys outside of a circuit or non-ISBA members may use our Judicial Advisory Poll Request form to give a fair and informed opinion about the qualifications these candidates.