Diversity & Inclusion

The ISBA’S Diversity & Inclusion mission statement: The ISBA values diversity and prioritizes the inclusion and active participation of all attorneys licensed to practice law in Illinois at all levels of the organization.  To that end, the ISBA takes affirmative steps to ensure that attorneys of all backgrounds, identities, and circumstances are included in every level of the organization.  The ISBA’s investment in creating a more inclusive profession is broadly communicated and reflected by example, both within the Association and the wider legal community.

The ISBA recognizes its diversity-related committees and section councils under the umbrella of the Diversity Leadership Council. This Council consist of 6 communities and section council members as well as members of the greater ISBA member base. The Diversity Leadership Council exists to coordinate all committee and council work and outreach efforts, support and acknowledge the diversity and inclusion efforts of the ISBA, and to help evaluate the ISBA efforts in this arena.

Related Groups

2021- 2023 Diversity Leadership Fellows Program

The ISBA is seeking new members who show leadership potential and would add to the diversity of our section councils and committees—whether because of race, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, practice area, or other background or experiences. Find out more about the 2021- 2023 Diversity Leadership Fellows Program