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  • Speaker MCLE Credit - Receive MCLE credit for presenting at CLE programs, as well as for the time it takes to prepare for the presentation. Preparation time is generally calculated at six-times the presentation time. See Supreme Court MCLE Rule 795(d)(5)(i)
  • Attendance MCLE Credit - ISBA provides complimentary attendance MCLE credit if speakers choose to stay for other sessions of the program at which they speak. (Just check in at the registration desk and inform the staff that you will be attending.)

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Short Faculty Development Video Resources

Engaging Your Audience

Making Your Voice Come Alive

Using Power Point Effectively

Using Webinar Engagement Tools Effectively

Bill Moller's Top Tips for On-Camera Presentations for ISBA Faculty

If you missed Presenting On-Camera: Tips and Advice from a Broadcast Journalist Pro be sure to check out Bill Moller's Top Tips for On-Camera Presentations for ISBA Faculty  on video. Bill helps you prepare for your next CLE studio presentation and on-camera courtroom appearance with his prize-worthy presentation tips – from preparing your notes and organizing your presentation, to presenting your information on-camera with comfort and ease!


ISBA's Law Ed Faculty Development Series:

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Already a Presenter?

We know that preparing course materials and PowerPoint slides can be a time-consuming endeavor.  To assist you with this process, we have put together some reference tips and resources:

Article Resources

Webinar 101: Keeping an Audience that Doesn't Want to Pay Attention
By Mike Vraa
Learn how to create and deliver professional webinars that are worth watching from the very start of the presentation!

9 Public Speaking Tips, from Spoken Word Poet, Pages Matam
By Pages Matam
The first time Pages Matam heard spoken-word poetry, he knew it was what he wanted to do with his life...but first he had to master the art of speaking in public.

Getting Over Stage Fright With the Help of Your Smartphone
By Kit Eaton
This article highlights a number of Smartphone apps that can help you master your public speaking skills!

What Makes a Master Trainer?
By Jonathan Hall
Get Jonathan's take on how a "master trainer" is someone who intuitively practices a learner-centered approach to learning, as he explores where learning happens, how trainers use their skills, and how to become a master trainer.

How to Prepare for a CLE Presentation
By Mike Vraa
Not all lawyers are great public speakers.....but they can be! Don't miss these tips for giving a presentation people remember for its positive qualities!

Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips From the Greats
By Megan Allen

Learn how to embrace anxiety, connect with your audience, tell a story, show passion for your topic, use body language to make your point, and much more!

12 Terrible CLE Audience Members (and How to Handle Them)
By Mike Vraa
Be sure to check out this hilariously entertaining article describing the twelve worst audience member types and how to handle them!

3 Techniques Bill Clinton Uses to Wow an Audience
By Sam Harrison
With decades of public speaking experience, Bill Clinton can teach you a thing or two about wowing your audience and engaging the crowd!

Back to School: Knowing How People Learn Makes You A Better Communicator
By Katherine James
Teaching others can be frustrating. This article helps you "learn how to communicate and teach "perfectly" to the learning style of everyone you meet."

By Shaun Rein
Master your nerves and become a superb public speaker by following these three easy rules.
By Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson explains three myths that lead to terrible PowerPoint presentations.
By Tim Ferriss
A great presentation always begins with the perfect preparation.
By Mitch Ditkoff
Mitch Ditkoff explains how the “engine of innovation is really about being moved” and shows speakers how to deliver a memorable presentation.


Dear Speakers
James Duncan Davidson's humorous look at the art of presenting on stage offers several key presentation tips to speakers, including: standing still, removing your name tag, avoiding the unlit areas of the stage, and much more!
Listening Comprehension
Jack Richards explains listening comprehension and how your audience learns through either "bottom up processing" or "top down processing."
Mary Civiello shows how the "college commencement speech season may be the best time to learn how to communicate powerfully."
Simple Steps to Successful Presentations
Don't miss these seven steps to avoid boring your audience with an unenthusiastic delivery or fear!
Learn how to create effective and captivating PowerPoint presentations from some of the top presenters in the country!
Become a presenter that shines by using the speaker tips and tricks that's found on this informative website!
Steve Hughes is founder and president of Hit Your Stride, a communications consultancy that helps attorneys look and sound smart when they talk. His website offers eight unique articles aimed at helping good speakers become great. Topics include: how to deal with a chatty audience, ridding yourself of public speaking fears, having a back-up plan, driving your audience crazy, and much more!
Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, an organization devoted to the development of business community leaders. His website is full of articles, videos and relevant books worth checking out.


Learn how to plan an analog, answer the most important question, deliver the experience, share your stage, make it look easy, have fun, and much more!