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Don’t miss this interactive program that discusses how rules of professionalism in football and other sports are based upon respect for the game and opposing players.

Register Now for LIVE WEB - The Super Bowl CLE - Why Attorneys Get Penalized: Professionalism in Football and the Legal Profession

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Featured CLE

Improve your trial skills in this “learn-by-doing” program that covers all phases of trial work from both a plaintiff/prosecutor and defendant’s viewpoint, in both civil and criminal cases.

Register Now for LIVE WEB - Fred Lane's Trial Techniques Institute - Spring Semester 2023

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CLE Program Series

Practice Ready Series

Designed for new lawyers seeking to enhance their skills and connect with other attorneys in their field.

Practice Toolbox

Short online programs that give you specific "how-tos" on a variety of topics to help you practice more efficiently.

Family Law How To

Learn how to handle your next family law case with this comprehensive series that covers every aspect from start to finish! Some of Illinois’ top-rated family law practitioners have come together to create a series of short CLE videos that are designed to help you handle your next family law case. Learn the context and meaning of statutory terms used in Domestic Violence and Orders of Protection cases; when and how to consolidate a foreclosure with a divorce case; enforce or challenge pre- and post-nuptial agreements; the elements of the declaratory judgment; how stipulations can save time and money for the attorney, court, and client; and much more!

National Perspectives Podcast

Listen and learn as leading practitioners from around the country deliver audio lectures and panel discussions on a wide variety timely topics, ensuring that ISBA attorneys are always up-to-date on the latest legal issues.

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Free On-Demand CLE

Eligible ISBA members can select from over 500 hours of online CLE content to earn up to 15 MCLE credit hours (including PMCLE) per bar year (July 1 - June 30) at no additional cost. This benefit is sponsored by ISBA Mutual Insurance.

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