CLE Coordinators

Thank you for serving as a CLE coordinator for your ISBA Section or Committee. The ISBA appreciates your efforts and wants to make your program planning process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Coordinator Training

ISBA provides CLE Coordinator training sessions at Annual meeting, Midyear meeting, via webinar and on-demand, linked below. You are encouraged to take advantage of these training opportunities. Please contact the Program Coordinator of the ISBA CLE Department for information on upcoming live training sessions.

CLE Committee Liaisons

A liaison from the CLE Committee has been appointed to assist you in program planning and may attend your section and committee meetings as a non-voting member – in person or via telephone. Please contact the Program Coordinator of the ISBA CLE Department for your liaison’s contact information.

2023-24 CLE Coordinators and Liaisons

Program Formats and Proposal Deadlines

Live On-site Programming

Live on-site at any location. Live on-site programming in the ISBA Chicago Regional Office has the option of simultaneous live webcasting.

Submission Deadline Presentation Date
July 15th December or January
September 15th February or March
November 15th April or May
January 15th June
March 15th September
May 15th October or November

Studio/Web Presentation Programming

No on-site audience. Studio and Web Presentations are typically recorded, offered as a live webcast and aired simultaneously with recording. All studio presentations are recorded at the ISBA Regional Office in Chicago, Illinois. Web presentations are via Zoom. For “hot topics” you may request an expedited schedule for your recording date.

Submission Deadline Presentation Date
July 15th October or November
September 15th December or January
November 15th February or March
January 15th April or May
March 15th June
May 15th September

CLE Program Planning Requirements and Resources

Coordinator Planning Information

Proposal Submission Requirements

Information to Provide to Presenters

ISBA Law Ed Faculty Development Resources

Don’t forget to encourage your presenters to take advantage of ISBA’s Law Ed Faculty Development Resources webpage, which is designed specifically for our speakers and intended to enhance their communication skills. Please contact the Program Coordinator of the ISBA CLE Department for access to the archived videos.

    CLE Coordinator Community Guidance

    As a CLE Coordinator you are automatically included in the CLE Coordinators community in ISBA Central. To post to the list, address your email to

    For general ISBA discussion group policy and etiquette please read our Code of Conduct.

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