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Top 5 – Improve your credibility

Want to be known around the office for your wisdom and invaluable perspective? Try these tips.

  1. Opine when asked – If a supervisor asks for your opinion, give it.  If you’re asked to review a draft, be sure to add your comments. But only if you’re asked!
  2. Know your stuff – Stay abreast of developments. The more you know, the more others will seek you out for your advice and guidance.
  3. Honesty is best - There are times that call for silence, but never knowingly make any misrepresentation to anyone.
  4. Be productive – This is very different from staying busy; your goal is quality work. Use your time wisely, have a plan to start your day, and avoid interruptions.
  5. Embrace your mistakes – Your own errors can be your best education. Own up to them and not only will you learn from them, you’ll set a good example for others.

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Young Lawyers Division

The ISBA Young Lawyers Division serves as a resource for young lawyers practicing in Illinois to develop, enhance, and foster a balanced professional life. It consists of all ISBA members under age 37 and members admitted to practice under 7 years.

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