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The Top 5 – Going Solo

More and more attorneys are opting to work for themselves. So what does it actually take to create and build a small law firm?

  1. Learn the ropes: This is best done on an employer's dime and under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.
  2. Don't dive in: Have a realistic business plan in place-- What kind of law are you going to practice? How you will support yourself until you see revenue? 
  3. Get insurance: Select and obtain liability insurance. You need it.
  1. Find clients: Start networking immediately. And then network some more.
  2. Prepare to be unprepared: Law school doesn't teach the business management side of things, so it's okay not to know everything.

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The ISBA Young Lawyers Division serves as a resource for young lawyers practicing in Illinois to develop, enhance, and foster a balanced professional life. It consists of all ISBA members under age 37 and members admitted to practice under 7 years.

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