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The Top 5 – Find Your Balance

To make sure your personal life doesn't suffer at the expense of your career, consider these suggestions:

  1. Know your limits: Feel overwhelmed? You're not alone-- Contact the Lawyers Assistance Program for help and resources to combat the bad and remember the good.
  2. Keep your pride in check: If you can admit you need help, you may just get it. Talk to your boss about reasonable adjustments that would alleviate your stress, and maybe she can accommodate you.
  3. Take responsibility: Remember your happiness is in your own hands—if you don't like an aspect of your life, it's never too late to change it. 
  4. Set boundaries: Blackout times when you're absolutely unavailable to answer calls and emails—like during family dinner-- then let your employer and clients know you'll respond afterwards.
  5. Make worlds collide: The next Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is April 26, 2018. Put it on your calendar.

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Young Lawyers Division

The ISBA Young Lawyers Division serves as a resource for young lawyers practicing in Illinois to develop, enhance, and foster a balanced professional life. It consists of all ISBA members under age 37 and members admitted to practice under 7 years.

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