Majors v. General Electric Co.

Federal 7th Circuit Court
Civil Court
Americans with Disabilities Act
Case Number: 
No. 12-2893
Decision Date: 
April 16, 2013
Federal District: 
S.D. Ind., Indianapolis Div.
Dist. Ct. did not err in granting defendant-employer’s motion for summary judgment in ADA action alleging that defendant denied plaintiff-employee temporary position on account of her shoulder condition that precluded plaintiff from lifting objects weighing more than 20 pounds. Plaintiff failed to establish that she could perform essential function of said position that required lifting of objects weighing more than 20 pounds, and plaintiff’s only proposed accommodation of having someone else perform said lifting duties was unreasonable. Fact that defendant allegedly rejected plaintiff’s proposal without offering counter-proposal did not require different result.. Moreover, plaintiff failed to present sufficient evidence to establish viable retaliation claim based on defendant failure to award her overtime after filing EEOC charge, where her proposed comparable co-workers, who received more overtime, held positions with different job classifications.