Palm v. 2800 Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association

Illinois Supreme Court
Civil Court
Condominium Law
Case Number: 
2013 IL 110505
Decision Date: 
Thursday, April 25, 2013
1st Dist.
Cook Co.
Appellate court affirmed.
City of Chicago ordinance allowing condominium unit owners to inspect condominium association financial books and records is a valid exercise of the City's home rule power, and is valid and enforceable. The conflict between the ordinance and the state statutes does not render the ordinance invalid or beyond home rule power. The legislature has not specifically denied the City's exercise of home rule power or required its exercise of that power to be consistent with statutory provisions. Court properly awarded interim attorney fees to prevailing plaintiff, as provided for in ordinance, based on market value of attorney's services. (GARMAN, KARMEIER, and THEIS, concurring; THOMAS, specially concurring; FREEMAN and BURKE, dissenting.)