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Diversity Matters
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Diversity Leadership Council

June 2007, vol. 1, no. 1

Diversity news

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (“MCCA”) selected the law firm of Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker Levin and Tominberg, Ltd. (“Laner Muchin”) as the recipient of the Thomas L. Sager Award for the Midwest Region. The Sager Award is named in honor of MCCA Chairman of the Board and DuPont Company Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Thomas L. Sager. The award is given to law firms that demonstrate sustained commitment to improv- ing the hiring, retention, and promotion of minority attorneys.

In selecting Laner Muchin, MCCA noted that the Firm’s demographics prove its commitment to diversity. Laner Muchin has 50 percent minority associates, 19 percent minority attorneys and over 40 percent minority new hires. In addition, minority equity partners comprise five percent of the partnership. The Firm has over 20 percent female attorneys; 67 percent female associates; and 57 percent female new hires. These results are indicative of the fact that Laner Muchin is committed to creating and sustaining a diverse legal workforce.