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The Public Servant
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

October 2001, vol. 3, no. 1

Hot off the presses

The Handbook of Illinois Administrative Law is now available for purchase from the Illinois State Bar Association. The Handbook, published through the joint efforts of the Illinois State Bar Association's Administrative Law Section Council and the Government Bar Association, provides an overview of Illinois' administrative process. The text is organized into seven major chapters:

Research and Writing, which outlines the sources agency and private counsel may consult to find and cite authorities in Illinois administrative law. Subchapter topics include: research, citations and Internet sources for Illinois administrative information.

Organization and Management, which details a number of legal issues relevant to the internal processes of State agencies. Issues addressed include: attorney-client privilege and the federal budget process.

Meetings and Legislation, which includes information on: the Open Meetings Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the State Records Act, drafting legislation, effective dates on statutory enactments and researching legislative history.

Rules and Rulemaking, which addresses the general topic of rulemaking, as well as containing specific information regarding the drafting of administrative rules, the rulemaking process, the use of emergency and peremptory rulemakings, and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules process.

Investigation and Adjudication, which details the processes of administrative agency decision making and judicial review of agency decisions applying regulatory and legislative standards to particular cases. The subchapters cover informal investigations, subpoenas, prehearing, discovery, general practice pointers, administrative law judges, official notice, and judicial review of agency decisions.

Fees and Claims, which includes a discussion on the availability of attorney fees in administrative hearings.

Offices and Agencies, which describes practice before the Human Rights Commission and the State Labor Relations Board, as well as providing an overview of the responsibilities of the Attorney General and the Attorney General's opinions process.

The Handbook is available to members of the Illinois State Bar Association and the Government Bar Association for $50 and to non-members for $60. To order your copy, contact Janice Ishmael at 800/252-8908 or 217/525-1760. Or, place your order for this publication by using your credit card on the ISBA Web site at