February 2003Volume 4Number 4

From the Chair

On December 11, 2002, the ISBA's Standing Committee on Government Lawyers (CGL) hosted a reception for government lawyers titled, "Pride in Our Profession: The ISBA Salutes Government Attorneys" in conjunction with the ISBA's Mid-Year Meeting in Chicago. As the title indicates, the goal of the reception was to both recognize government practitioners as well as to introduce non-ISBA members to the organization and its many benefits. The reception, held for the second time in as many years, was well attended by both government attorneys and present and past officers of the ISBA.

One attendee in particular deserves mention, both for her individual accomplishments as a government practitioner and for her recent recognition as a top practitioner among attorneys in both the public and private sectors in Illinois. Last fall, Madalyn Maxwell, a former Assistant Illinois Attorney General, was chosen for induction into the ISBA's Academy of Illinois Lawyers. Madalyn was a government practitioner for nearly 47 years with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, working in that office's child support division. At the time of her retirement from State service in 2001, she was head of the Attorney General's child support division, supervising more than 30 attorneys throughout Illinois. Madalyn has also been involved in child support enforcement issues on the national and international levels, being instrumental in negotiating reciprocal child support enforcement agreements between Illinois and several states, as well as with a number of foreign countries.

One of the CGL's goals is to ensure government practitioners are properly recognized for their achievements, both professionally and for the benefit of the offices and public for whom we work. The CGL felt Madalyn's professional achievements in the public sector warranted recognition throughout the entire legal community, and not just among other government practitioners. Consequently, the CGL was instrumental in nominating Madalyn for induction into the Academy by preparing the requisite nominating information. CGL is proud that "one of our own" will be inducted into the Academy, and is pleased to have been able to highlight the quality legal work performed by our constituency through her induction to the Academy. Congratulations, Madalyn!

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