August 2003Volume 5Number 1


The National Archives and Records Administration has placed its United States Government Manual online at <>. This site contains extensive information on the various branches of the federal government and their agencies. Also included is information on various boards, commissions, committees and international organizations in which the United States participates.

Want to be e-mailed with the latest leave to appeal announcements and other information concerning the Illinois Supreme Court? Go to <> to sign up for a free e-mail service that will send you messages concerning not only leave to appeal announcements but information on the Supreme Court Rules, the Supreme Court docket and anticipated opinion filings on pending matters.

For a Web site covering how to obtain information from government entities on local, state, national and international issues, visit <>. This site is maintained by the University of Missouri School of Journalism's Freedom of Information Center. Although geared toward the press and individuals, it tracks lawsuits, legislation and policy issues involving freedom of information issues in a variety of forums. It also has suggestions on how information can be obtained from governmental bodies through the various laws addressing public access to information.

Have a question a librarian can answer but you are not at the library and it's 3:00 a.m.? Go to <www.MyWeb> and ask an actual librarian for assistance 24-hours-a-day while you are online. The site was developed and is funded by the Illinois State Library and its member library systems. Questions can be submitted to the site's subparts: general reference, college student and faculty, school student or health and medical.

If you are interested in viewing a portion of the municipal code for a particular municipality online, try <>. This site contains information on municipal codes from 45 of the 50 states. In the Illinois portion of the site, there are approximately 40 municipalities listed.

Identification theft is a growing problem. At <>, the Federal Trade Commission has information on the following topics: What to do if you are a victim of identity theft; filing complaints; links to state and federal laws on identity theft; and cases and recent scams used to steal identity information.

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