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The Public Servant
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers

December 2008, vol. 10, no. 2

Public sector discipline: September 2008 term of the Illinois Supreme Court

In re Kelley, Commission No. 07 SH 5, S. Ct. No. M.R. 22452 (September 16, 2008). John Michael Kelley was an Assistant State’s Attorney in Sangamon County between 2001 and 2006. During that time, he possessed and used cocaine and marijuana on multiple occasions. Given the fact that Kelley had received intensive treatment for substance abuse, beginning in 2006, the Illinois Supreme Court allowed the Administrator’s petition to impose discipline on consent and suspended Kelley for two years and until further order of the Court, but it stayed the suspension after one year by a period of probation.

In re Levine, Commission No. 08 DC 1005, S. Ct. No. M.R. 22599 (September 17, 2008). Stuart Phillip Levine served on the Board of Trustees of the Teachers Retirement System of the State of Illinois and the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board. He pled guilty to the offenses of mail fraud and money laundering in connection with his use of influence as a member of those Boards to obtain financial benefits for himself, for Antoin Rezko, and their nominees and business associates. The Illinois Supreme Court allowed his motion for disbarment on consent, following the Administrator’s submission of a statement of charges against him, and his filing of an affidavit admitting that the evidence described in the statement of charges would clearly and convincingly establish the facts and conclusions of misconduct set forth in that statement.

The full texts of the Kelley consent petition and the Levine statement of charges, as well as the Supreme Court’s final orders, may be accessed through the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission’s Web site at, by selecting “Rules and Decisions.”