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The Public Servant
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September 2010, vol. 12, no. 1

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We have all heard of Google Earth. But, did you know there are many other resources to find out information about property and facilities? Here are just a few.

From the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency you can find out information about the environmental condition from the federal perspective including a property’s history with the US EPA, the status of its compliance with environmental laws and the enforcement of environmental laws at the site by visiting the Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) <>.

One source for information on compliance with Illinois environmental laws is COOL – Illinois Pollution Control Board’s Clerk’s Office On-Line. Clerk’s Office On-line <>. A caveat is necessary. This site only lists actions filed with the Illinois Pollution Control Board, whether it be enforcement or permit hearings. It does not provide a complete picture of a property’s environmental history. For additional enforcement action information, check with the Circuit Clerk’s Office where the property is located. For permit information and status, submit a FOIA to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency <>.

There are various ways to view topographic information on-line. Try going to The National Map – US Topo at <>. This system contains scanned topographic maps in GeoPDF format. It is touted as being easier to use and share than GIS (geographic information system). Or, try the system GIS portal found at <>.

To access on-line well and water records for Illinois, go to <>. This database is compiled from information submitted by water and well drillers. And, to locate gas and oil well records, go to <>. ■