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  • Someone you should know: Stephen R. Wigginton, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois
    While he is known to be tough, Steve would rather his office have the title of 'most admired' by all in the civil and criminal justice system, from court staff to the public, than the toughest or most aggressive.   
  • Military-related FMLA provisions
    Within the FMLA provisions are benefits framed specifically for members of the armed forces in order for family members: (i) to care for a seriously injured or ill service-member; and (ii) to assist with the civil affairs of a mobilizing, deployed or returning service-member. While the policy intent of the first rationale is readily apparent to enable an immediate relative to care for the returning veteran who is injured or ill, the second rationale’s underpinnings in civil relief may not be as easily intuitive.
  • The 32nd Annual National Conference of State Tax Judges
    An update on this Annual Conference, which took place this year in San Francisco from September 13-15.
  • Condemnation actions—In rem or quasi in rem?
    The recent case of Village of Algonquin v. Lowe seems to indicate that if a condemning authority knew or should have known that a party had an unrecorded interest in the property, service by publication may not be sufficient and any judgment rendered in the condemnation action would not be binding on any party not properly before the court.

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