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Apps for lawyers

Technology continues to help (and burden) lawyers. Here, we offer a few ideas for apps that may help attorneys. Go to the App Store on your device and find these, some are free and others may be worth the money. As always, there’s an app for that!

Court Apps

Many courts now have apps that can assist you. For example, the United States Court for the Northern District of Illinois has an app that allows quick access to the Daily Calendar. Running late? No problem! See where you are on the call by accessing this app. Not sure where to drop off a courtesy copy? Look it up on the pull down menu of judges.

Bloomberg BNA’s Court Directory

This allows you to look up judges nationwide. It even allows you to call or email them from the app.


ISBA members receive free access to Fastcase. Consider that you have an oral argument and you need a pinpoint cite. Simply look it up on your phone.

Black’s Law Dictionary

It isn’t free, but having access to it quickly may be worth the price.

Time Tracking Apps

Billing is a necessity in the legal world. There are many apps to help you keep track of your hours when you aren’t in the office. You can update your time just standing in line for coffee.


Many non-legal apps assist busy lawyers. Airline/airport apps, traffic apps, and parking apps are just a few for you to consider using in your busy legal life.

To the App Store!

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