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Judicial Evaluations - Cook County

The goal of the Standing Committee on Judicial Evaluations – Cook County is to evaluate the qualifications of candidates for judicial office, and to report the committee’s conclusions to the electorate, whether it be voters in the primary and general elections, circuit judges who elect associate judges, or the justices of the Supreme Court of Illinois who make appointments to fill vacancies on the bench.

No committee member who serves on a campaign committee, or is actively involved in fund raising for any candidate under review, may participate in the investigation or evaluation of any candidate for the same judicial office.

This committee consists of two co-chairs, a secretary, an appeal subcommittee and sufficient members to implement its responsibilities in Cook County. Fifteen members shall constitute a quorum.

This committee is authorized to speak for the Association; its findings are not subject to review or approval by the Board of Governors.

Committee Roster

  • Robert A. Loeb, Law Offices of Robert A Loeb, Chicago, Co-Chair
  • Janette A. Strzalka, Chicago, Co-Chair
  • Karen K. Mack, Deutsch Levy & Engel Chtd, Chicago, Secretary
  • John R. Bailen, Bruce Dorn & Assoc, Chicago, Member
  • Dawn E. Bode, Glenview, Member
  • John E. Brennock, Alicja M Sroka & Associates PC, Chicago, Member
  • Bianca B. Brown, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, Lynwood, Member
  • John M. Coleman, Jr., McVey & Parsky LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Khara Aisha Ashanti Coleman, Pugh Jones & Johnson PC, Oak Park, Member
  • Sandra Crawford, Law Crawford PC, Chicago, Member
  • Steve G. Daday, Klein Daday Aretos & O'Donoghue LLC, Rolling Meadows, Member
  • Mark W. Damisch, Chicago, Member
  • John W. Damisch, Damisch & Damisch Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Robert Don Fink, Collison Law Offices, Chicago, Member
  • Michael S. Fiorentino, Fiorentino Law Offices, Chicago, Member
  • Gail T. Friedman, Friedman & Friedman Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Richard C. Gleason, II, O'Mara Gleason & O'Callaghan, Chicago, Member
  • Gerald G. Goldberg, Goldberg Law Group LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Nancy Z. Hablutzel, Durham, Member
  • Michael R. Hartigan, Hartigan & O'Connor, Chicago, Member
  • Jason B. Hirsh, Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Susan K. Horn, Chicago, Member
  • Amanda D. Howland, Amanda Howland MA MS JD, Lake Zurich, Member
  • David P. Huber, Healy Scanlon, Chicago, Member
  • Matthew R. Huff, M.R. Huff, Attorney at Law, Chicago, Member
  • David M. Hundley, Hundley Law Group, Chicago, Member
  • Rowschaun Jones, Chicago, Member
  • Antonios Kalogerakos, Injury Lawyers of Illinois, Chicago, Member
  • Thomas M. Keating, Hodes Keating & Pilon, Chicago, Member
  • Stephen G. Kehoe, Chicago, Member
  • Gabriel A. Kostecki, Chicago, Member
  • Robert D. Kreisman, Kreisman Law Offices, Chicago, Member
  • Brian LaCien, Power Rogers & Smith, Chicago, Member
  • Justin L. Leinenweber, Leinenweber Baroni & Daffada LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Kevin C. Lichtenberg, Monahan Law Group LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Megan Mae Mathias, Stahl Cowen Crowley Addis LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Margaret M. Menzenberger, Illinois Attorney General, Chicago, Member
  • Peter A. Monahan, Glencoe, Member
  • Jorge L. Montes, Montes & Associates, Chicago, Member
  • Sandy L. Morris, Chico & Nunes PC, Chicago, Member
  • Nicholas T. Motherway, Motherway & Napleton, Chicago, Member
  • Brian Murphy, Hofeld and Schaffner, Chicago, Member
  • Gerald W. Napleton, Ridge & Downes, Chicago, Member
  • Steven M. Novak, Leonard J LeRose Jr Ltd, Chicago, Member
  • Paul G. O’Toole, Salvato & O'Toole, Chicago, Member
  • Robert T. Oleszkiewicz, Chicago, Member
  • Prof. Damian Ortiz, The John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Member
  • Arlette G. Porter, Law Office of Arlette G Porter, Chicago, Member
  • Regina L. Rathnau, The Law Office of Regina L Rathnau LLC, Chicago, Member
  • Mallory P. Sanzeri, Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen PC, Chicago, Member
  • Kevin H. Saville, Law Office of Kevin H Saville PC, Chicago, Member
  • Hon. Shelvin Singer, Northbrook, Member
  • Rhonda A. Stuart, Stuart Law Office, Skokie, Member
  • Katherine C. Tower, Esq, OneBeacon Professional Insurance, Chicago, Member
  • Phillipina Cleo-patra Webley, P Webleys & Associates PC, Chicago, Member
  • David K. Wolkowitz, The Wolkowitz Law Office, Skokie, Member
  • John C. Wroblewski, Jakubs Wigoda LLP, Chicago, Member
  • Michael J. Zink, Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells, Chicago, Member
  • John A. Zrnich, The Zrnich Law Group PC, Wilmette, Member
  • Albert E. Durkin, Miroballi Durkin & Rudin, Chicago, Board Liaison
  • Bailey E. Felts, Illinois State Bar Association, Springfield, Staff Liaison
  • Joyce Williams, Illinois State Bar Association, Chicago, Staff Liaison