Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum celebrates 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination, the end of the Civil War and the 10-year anniversary of our museum

Learning through Artifacts and Documents. Imagine how much more meaningful history can be for your students when they can handle reproduction documents and artifacts and view online items from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library’s unparalleled collection of treasured items used by Abraham Lincoln. Supplement the lessons with suggested classroom activities.

Museum Scavenger Hunts may be used by students, families, or adults on focusing on museum content, prior to, during, or as follow-up to a tour. All can be used as a learning tool. Please go to their Web site, <www.tenyearslincoln.com/> and look at six hunts listed under that topic to determine which best suits your group, and research skill level.

Undying Words

Lincoln 1858-1865 explores Lincoln’s changing views through five key speeches. This is a collaboration with the Chicago History Museum and features amazing artifacts and interactive stations. A section focuses on the assassination of our 16th president. It will be here to February 28, 2016.

Our museum has Gone Digital. Visitors can access digital content on their mobile devices as they tour the museum to revolutionize the visitor experience.

A fascinating new theater presentation explaining early 19-century origins of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” how Julia Ward Howe was inspired to write the great American anthem associated with Lincoln.

Summer on the Square

Last July, over 1,700 guests enjoyed the Civil War Musical honoring the spirit of the men and women who fought and lived through our Civil War. This July the theater department will host another spectacular event under the stars.

Family Events

10th of every month will be Family Day with some type of event/activity/recognition.

Social Events

June 11th is ladies night out. Enjoy a Strawberry Social with Mary Lincoln and sample many wonderful strawberry delights. July 16th, come back for It’s A Sweet Affair with Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln over cake and desserts as they discuss their own love story and the love stories of their friends.

Resource Guides

Teachers with children through the museum can provide a meaningful learning experience by preparing yourself and students, the ALPLM Education Department has created teacher resource guides specifically for educators bringing a school group to the ALPLM.

To Kill and to Heal Teacher Resource Guide explores philosophical and moral divisions over slavery and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln’s Farewell Address Teacher Resource Guide. Civil War Sesquicentennial observance highlights one of Lincoln’s most moving speeches. Lesson plans and student activities are based on the president-elect’s impromptu farewell to Springfield and move to our nation’s capital in 1861. Background information, lesson plans and classroom activities here.

Museum Experience Teacher Resource Guide filled with pre-visit, on-site and post-visit activities

Learn what to expect on your tour as well as lesson plans and activities to prepare students for an enriching museum experience. This guide contains a museum questionnaire (scavenger hunt) for students to use in the museum during their tour.

Gettysburg Address Teacher Resources was created to acknowledge one of Lincoln’s greatest speeches. Find lesson plans and classroom activities here.

Mrs. President: From Martha to Laura Teacher Resource Guide

This guide can facilitate a museum visit or enhance classroom work, includes lesson plans for all grade levels and numerous learning standards. Explore the life of the First Ladies and First Kids through fun art projects, creative writing and meaningful group discussions.

Mr. Lincoln’s Attic Provides educators with historical background of this exhibit, worksheets, vocabulary all geared to the Illinois Learning Standards. Topics include “Why We Collect” and “Do Objects Talk” which invites students to take on the role of the museum professional in examining artifacts to reveal the stories behind them.

Women’s History Month contains exciting ideas for bringing Women’s History into the classroom.

Black History Month guide is filled with information and ideas to bring Black History Month into your classroom. Provides educators with historical background of Black History Month, biographical sketches of African-American History Makers, as well as activities, additional resources and more.

Christmas at the White House ideas bringing Christmas at the White House into your classroom. The guide provides educators with historical background to the traditions surrounding the White House Christmas celebration, as well as activities, discussion questions, primary documents, additional resources and more.

Team of Rivals Teacher Resources

African Americans in Illinois Includes the 1908 Race Riot Online Magazine and Generations of Pride African Americans in IL a Selected Chronology. ■

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