Committee member chosen by Oprah

Timijanel Boyd-Odom ("Timi") recently appeared on the Oprah Show (May 12, 2003) after being selected from thousands of entries from viewers who had challenges in their homes regarding decorating a room. Timi entered her family room/den/office in the contest and told producers that although she had attempted a southwestern theme, it just didn't seem right. She was told by producers that she had to get a videotaped entry of the room to them within three days. Not a hard task for some, but Timi is a full-time attorney and full-time mother of four children! She ended-up having to drive the tape to the studio and leave it with security to make the deadline.

After dropping the tape off, she again spoke to producers after they viewed the tape and they told her she was among the five finalists whose tapes would be shown to Oprah for the final selection! Oprah chose Timi and one other lucky viewer for the "Decorating challenges" show. Once again, Timi's enthusiasm was apparent and Oprah even said that she really liked how every room of her home had its own theme. The catch--they wanted to come the next day to start shooting for the segment! Timi had to surrender her home to the show for the day and the show put her up in a hotel and commandeered the neighbor's home for use as a "Dressing room" as well!

The room was re-done and is said to be worth $20,000. Timi also got to talk with Oprah with her husband after the show and that segment also aired on Oprah's Oxygen channel on the "After the Show" program. Reruns are likely to occur, so keep an eye out for this lucky committee member with the room to die for. Congratulations!

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