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The Challenge
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law

June 2008, vol. 2, no. 1

Diversity in the Legal Profession: ISBA’s commitment continues


The Illinois State Bar Association has a long-standing and unwavering commitment to diversity in the legal profession and in the Association. Current ISBA President Joe Bisceglia built on the outstanding work of the Standing Committees when he established a Task Force on Diversity. The Task Force, which drew from the resources of the two Standing Committees, has worked diligently but has not fully completed its task. Incoming President Jack Carey has indicated that he will support the ongoing work of the Task Force into the next fiscal year.

The Task Force, chaired by Lynn Grayson of Chicago, has devoted substantial attention to developing ways to encourage more minorities to travel the educational pipeline into the legal profession. The Task Force has also spent time examining how the ISBA can ensure participation and leadership for minorities.

“There is so much to be accomplished, and it was ambitious to expect the Task Force to properly complete all of its work in one year,” said Joe Bisceglia. “I am proud of the work started by the Task Force and the direction it has taken.”

“The Standing Committees and the Task Force are essential to the ISBA, making important inroads to broader diversity in the Illinois legal profession,” said Jack Carey. “I informed President Bisceglia at the outset of his term of my whole-hearted endorsement of this effort. I am looking forward to lending further support.