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The ISBA continues to embrace fantastic programs which encourage diversity. Two such programs, Women in the Illinois Judiciary, and the Illinois Law and Leadership Institute, will take place in the next four months. The programs are a testament to the efforts being made by the ISBA to promote diversity in the legal profession. The Standing Committee on Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Law (REM) and its members are proud to be a part of this continuing effort.

The Women in the Illinois Judiciary program celebrates women in the state of Illinois who have served, are serving and will serve in our judicial system. The program will honor women at all levels of the judiciary for the intelligence, strong work ethic and great concern for others they bring to the judicial process. Spearheaded by the ISBA Standing Committee on Women & the Law, the program consists of a tour of the 5th District Appellate Courthouse, a reception, and dessert and entertainment at the home of ISBA past President, Mark Hassakis, and his wife, Janet. REM is excited to co-sponsor the program which will take place on Thursday, April 26, 2012, in Mt. Vernon, IL.

Another exciting program is the Law and Leadership Institute, a legal immersion program that will be held at Southern Illinois University School of Law from June 24, 2012 through June 30, 2012, and at the John Marshall Law School from July 23, 2012 through August 10, 2012. The Institute is sponsored by the ISBA and the Just the Beginning Foundation (JTBF), and aims to expose high school students to the law through classroom teaching and the opportunity to participate in a series of group activities. The institute is designed to inspire interest in the legal profession amongst youth who might not typically be exposed to careers in the law. The students will obtain information about various careers in the law and insight into the inner workings of the judicial process. Most importantly, the Institute strives to help students understand what is required to pursue a legal career and how to excel in the field of study. Students will work with judges and attorneys on such skills as critical thinking, legal writing and oral advocacy, tools necessary to pursue a career in the law. Please see the additional information about the ISBA/JTBF Law and Leadership Institute in this newsletter to learn more about the program and opportunities for you to support the program through volunteer efforts and/or financial donations.

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