Letter to the editor

This newsletter highlights the role of women in the United States and the world. Two articles focus on women running for judicial office in Illinois and the changing role of women in Afghanistan. A legal update on the Non-Support Punishment Act outlines a personal view of the effectiveness of using the threat of criminal prosecution to compel greater compliance with child support obligations. Finally, we have identified two projects supporting matters of concern to women. The first pertains to an ABA initiative to ensure representation of women with breast cancer who are battling their insurers over coverage issues. The second is the annual Women Everywhere: Partners in Service Project which will be held May 17, 2002.

Through this newsletter we seek to inform our readers regarding matters of legal and social concern to women. Please let us know if there are topics you would like to see covered and, of course, always feel free to submit an article you think may be of interest.

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March 2002Volume 7Number 3