Women Everywhere: Partners in Service project May 17, 2002

Plant flowers, paint a fence, or show women how to navigate the court system to obtain an order of protection. These activities represent a few of the many opportunities that volunteers for the Women Everywhere project can take advantage of. Volunteers for the Women Everywhere project can take advantage of the many opportunities these activities represent.

On May 17, 2002, women all over the Chicago-land area will be turning in their briefcases and volunteering at local shelters and agencies which provide services to women. Some 400 women and men volunteered last year to help various agencies such as Sarah's Inn, A Sporting Chance Foundation, Apna Ghar, and Deborah's Place, to name a few. Women Everywhere volunteers worked for nearly twenty different agencies.

Women Everywhere: The Partners in Service Project was initiated by women attorneys to demonstrate the positive impact women have on society. Last year, attorneys conducted mock trials for teenagers with various judges in domestic, juvenile and adoption court thus allowing one on one mentoring in their courtrooms. Other attorneys wanted more physical activities, and helped agencies plant gardens, paint classrooms, or organize supplies.

A twofold reward resulted. Local agencies received the aid of much needed supplies and labor, and the women attorneys received a benefit as well. Women volunteering saw first hand the impact they made, and demonstrated to the public a different side of being an attorney. This project revealed attorneys as a kinder and more compassionate group. Instead of working with attorneys only when individuals are in trouble, this project allowed the public to see us in our everyday roles doing everyday things. In my opinion, this is the greatest achievement of the project.

We, as a group of attorneys, are often seen negatively. The Women Everywhere Project allows men and women alike to join forces and show the community a different side of our profession. Make a difference today by signing up for this great event. Your firm can join as a group and make a day or afternoon of it, or you can come alone and meet new attorneys. Save the date on your calendar, May 17, 2002. Sign up by faxing the form below to Ilene Bloom, at Winston & Strawn, at 312/558-5700. You can read more about the project at our Web site, www.women-everywhere.org.

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