Letter from the chair

One of the greatest things about being the Chair of Women and the Law is getting to work with so many dedicated, dynamic, and intelligent women, including E. Lynn Grayson and Claire Manning, editors of the Catalyst. Because of them you are already reading the second newsletter of this bar year—quite an impressive feat. Contributions to the newsletter from all section members are appreciated, and I urge each of you to contact Lynn or Claire if you have an article to contribute or an idea for the newsletter. After all, you are the group we want to keep informed and to maintain as members of the Section Council. I assure you that if you feel an issue is important enough to write about, the members of Women and the Law will find it interesting enough to read.

Another great thing about being Chair is the opportunity to encourage members to partake in the important work of the ISBA. One of the most important initiatives this year is the mentorship program chaired by past ISBA president Leonard F. Amari and the Honorable Sheila Murphy. The Women and the Law Standing Committee is very excited about the implementation of a formal mentoring program to help both new and more senior lawyers develop their skills and keep on the right path in terms of ethics and professionalism.

Chances are we all had or will have a great mentor in our lives, someone who took the time to give us the benefit of their perspective, constructive criticism, and wisdom. It is compulsory that we in turn become mentors to others; that we care about the mentee and make sure she has a good example to follow. Like President Lavin, I am calling on each of you to share your talents and volunteer to be a mentor to a lawyer who needs your generosity and wisdom. Watch the ISBA Web site and other ISBA publications for further developments and information with respect to the mentoring project, and let the ISBA hear from you that you want to be a mentor.


Celia G. Gamrath is a partner with the Chicago office of Schiller, DuCanto and Fleck. She concentrates in high-stakes matrimonial law cases and appeals.

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