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A view from the Chair

Becoming the chair of the Women In The Law Committee is quite an honor. Thank you President Richard Felice.

It is amazing to be surrounded by such intelligent, hard-working, and energetic women. Many are wearing the hats of mother, wife, best friend, social planner, chief cook and bottle washer, and of course, attorney. To see the women on our committee balance all of these activities - and do it with such panache and confidence is something to be enjoyed.

This year we are going to continue to work together to:

A. Review legislation and give our collective input, especially as to the Newly Proposed Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (MDMA) and the Parentage Act - HB1452 Part 1 and 2, by our Legislative Committee chaired by Julie Neubauer and Tracy Douglas.

B. Produce some more excellent CLE programs - both live and in the studio. One of which is coming up on October 10, 2014, “Human Trafficking and the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.” This committee is co-chaired by Angela Baker Evans and Lori Levin (along with the able input of Patrice Ball-Reed, Mary Petruchius, Amy Schellekens, Kelly Thames, and Jennifer Wagner).

C. Go on YouTube with Website Videos co-chaired by Alice Henrikson and Margaret O’Sullivan. If you want to do a video on any subject, please contact me, Alice Henrikson, or Margaret O’Sullivan with your ideas. Some of the suggestions that we presently have, which need to be developed are: Mental Health and Employment Protection, Do I Need a Prenup?, How Can I Get Custody?, and Things to do After Your Divorce is Final.

D. Have some outreach and partnering events co-chaired by Erin Wilson and Kristen Prinz. We will participate in “Women Everywhere” and an outreach event possibly to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and/or a reception at the Governor’s Mansion. All women professionals and law students around the state are invited.

E. Promote Leadership Opportunities For and Recognition of Women, co-chaired by Melissa Olivero and Dixie Peterson.

F. Do an “ABA Gender Equality in Partnership Compensation Program”, co-chaired by Julie Neubauer and Emily Masalski.

With the help and support of all of the attorneys on our committee, I look forward to a successful and fun year. ■

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