Announcing the ISBA’s COVID Dues Credit

Anna P. Krolikowska ISBA President, 2021-22

Valued members of the ISBA:

I thank all of you for your continued support of ISBA in these challenging times. It is truly appreciated. I am pleased to announce that  the ISBA will be providing members with a 15 percent dues credit for the coming 2021-22 bar year. This COVID-19 Dues Credit is available to any current, regular dues-paying member and will be reflected on the dues invoices that will be mailed this week. The ISBA is able to provide this credit as a result of programmatic savings due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the current bar year.

If you wish to renew your membership now via the ISBA website, you can claim your 15 percent COVID-19 Dues Credit by simply entering “COVIDCREDIT” as a coupon code in the shopping cart before checking out (be sure to select "View Cart" in order to be able to enter the coupon code). You can also mail a check once you receive your dues invoice or call 800-252-8908 and ask for an ISBA member services representative to assist you.

If you do not want to claim your COVID-19 Dues Credit and continue to support the ISBA with your full dues amount, simply renew your membership online without using the coupon code or return your invoice with a check for your full dues amount.

As I look forward to being installed next month as your 145th ISBA President, I also look forward to the time when we can all gather again in a safe and healthy environment. This past year has been trying for all of us, our families, our clients, and our profession. But I can’t help but feel a sense of optimism as we turn the corner. I urge all ISBA members to continue to stay safe, and I thank  all of you again for your continued membership in the ISBA.


Anna P. Krolikowska
ISBA President, 2021-22


FAQs About the COVID Dues Credit

  • ​The COVID Dues Credit is only available to attorneys that were regular, dues-paying members of the ISBA during the 2020-21 bar year.
  • The 15 percent COVID Dues Credit is only applicable to regular ISBA membership dues.  It cannot be applied to any section membership dues or voluntary contributions to the Illinois Bar Foundation or LAWPAC.
  • If you are renewing your membership via the ISBA website and wish to claim the COVID-19 Dues Credit, just enter "COVIDCREDIT" as a coupon code in the shopping cart before checking out. After making your selections and adding the relevant items to your shopping cart, be sure to click "view cart" (and not "pay now") in order to access the screen where you can enter the coupon code.
  • Taking advantage of the COVID Dues Credit is not contingent on opting to make the voluntary contributions to LAWPAC and/or the Illinois Bar Foundation. You can still claim the COVID Dues Credit regardless of whether you make these voluntary contributions.
  • If you'd like to pass along your COVID Dues Credit savings to support the work of the Illinois Bar Foundation (IBF), simply claim your COVID Dues Credit as explained above and then donate your savings to the IBF.