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Preston Rideout

708 Poplar Street

Preston Rideout is a Dram Shop and Liquor Liability Expert with 25 years of experience and 75 Alcohol Safety Certifications.  As CEO of Rideout Hospitality and Founder of the Dram Shop Experts, he and his team have operated over 250 Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants in 11 countries.

He is a highly sought-after consultant and widely considered the leading bar operations expert in the legal industry. Casinos, Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality Management Companies rely on Preston to create industry-standard operating procedures, conduct bartender training and promote responsible alcohol service.

Preston Rideout's comprehensive knowledge of nightlife provides powerful insight into Personal Injury, Premise Liability, Wrongful Death, Industry Standard Operating Procedures, and Customer Intoxication related to bar operations.