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Steven Gaskell, Psy.D.

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Steven Gaskell, Psy.D. is a Forensic Psychologist in Illinois who provides a variety of forensic and general clinical psychological evaluations. He has extensive experience with a variety of legal issues and can provide services related to:

Criminal Law

Dr. Gaskell has completed more than 1800 Forensic Psychological Assessments including over 600 Fitness to Stand Trial and Criminal Responsibility (Insanity Defense) psychological evaluations and he has provided expert testimony these issues on numerous occasions. Dr. Gaskell also uses psychological testing to evaluate the defendant for the possibility of exaggerating, feigning or malingering.

Sexual Deviance

Dr. Steven Gaskell offers sex offender evaluations of individuals charged with a sexual crime.  He has completed more than 900 evaluations of sexual offenders, mostly within the context of Sexually Violent commitment statutes.

Civil Court and Other Evaluations

Consultation Services

  • Analysis of other expert’s psychological reports
  • Analysis of other expert’s depositions and courtroom testimony
  • Trial preparation consultation
  • Expert testimony

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