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Expert Services Directory: Security and Premises Liability

James M. Dallas, CPP, PI

P. O. Box 61154
King of Prussia
(215) 576-7336

Security expert witness and security consultant James M. Dallas is board certified in security management and has more than 35 years of executive security experience in all environments.


Mr. Dallas' expertise is in the areas of:

  • Foreseeability analysis
  • Premises liability
  • Liquor serving establishments
  • Shopping center and mall security
  • Commercial & institutional security
  • Multi-tenant residential and commercial property security
  • Healthcare security
  • Industrial security
  • Parking lot and parking structure security
  • Negligent hiring and retention
  • Negligent training and negligent supervision
  • Guard force management
  • Security awareness
  • Security negligence and crowd control
  • Electronic security
  • Alarm systems and access control

He offers consulting in security operations, risk analysis, foreseeability studies and security adequacy analysis.

William J. Birks Jr. & Associates

William J. Birks Jr. CPP CSC CHS-III

1605 Herron Lane
West Chester
(484) 356-7038

Board certified security professional with 40 years of security experience providing consulting and litigation support services to business, industry and law firms. Practice services plaintiff and defense bars in the areas of premises liability, security adequacy and foreseeability of crime and its analysis.


  • Guard force operation/training
  • Parking lot/structures
  • Bars, clubs, restaurants
  • Malls/shopping centers
  • Multi-tenant residential properties
  • Crowd control
  • Intrusion alarm installation/operation
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • General industry