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January 1999Volume 87Number 1Page 57

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Finding Illinois Law

A Directory of Directories

Here's where to turn when the question isn't "Who ya gonna call?'' but
"How ya gonna find 'em?''

Sometimes a legal researcher must wrestle enormously intricate issues, wading through endless weighty tomes in search of the vital points of jurisprudence that will unlock the door to a sunny future for a client...and sometimes she just needs to a street address to send those 16 pizzas to. The following directories offer basic information about lawyers and the organizations and institutions surrounding them.


Almanac of Illinois Politics

A guide to legislators, key votes, and political funding. (Order information: Institute for Public Affairs Publication Unit, P.O. Box 19243, University of Illinois at Springfield, Springfield, IL 62794-9243. Phone: 217-786-6502. E-mail: Website:


American Bar Association Directory

Also known as ``the redbook''; lists people in positions of leadership in the American Bar Association. Rank-and- file members are not included, which may be less unreasonable than it seems at first glance, given that the book runs to well over 1,000 pages as is. (Order information: ABA, 750 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60611. Phone: 312-988-5000.)


Congressional Pictorial Directory

What was that rascal's name, again? Mugshots of each and every U.S. Senator and Representative, and major House and Senate officials. (Order information: U.S. Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Mail Stop: SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-9328.)


Hine's Insurance Counsel

A directory of attorneys with special interest in insurance and transportation practice. (Order information: Hine's, Inc., P.O. Box 143, Geneva, Illinois 60134. Phone 630-365-1630.)


Illinois Blue Book

A broad reference book on Illinois government, containing directory information for the legislative, judicial, and executive branches; news media and higher education in Illinois; history and election results, state and local government facts; official portraits and biographies of noted public officials; state and federal constitutions; state toll-free numbers and official symbols; and glossy travel-brochure-style photos of the wonders of Illinois. (Order information: Illinois Secretary of State's Office, Capitol Building, Room 213, Springfield, IL 62756.)


Illinois Legal Directory

Illinois attorneys by county, or name, or firm, or favorite vegetable (no, not really. Pretty gullible for an officer of the court, aren't you?) A biographical section contains further information on those attorneys who supply it and pay for it to be included. A court section lists personnel, terms, rules, and jurisdictions of state and local courts. Also included are names, addresses, and phone numbers of state and federal officials, law schools, members of the state legislature, national and state associations, a county map, and city and county list. (Order information: Legal Directories Publishing Company, Inc. 9111 Garland Road, P.O. Box 189000, Dallas, TEXAS 75218-9000. Phone: 1-800-447-5375. )


Illinois Municipal Directory

Municipal officials and employees of Illinois. (Order information: Illinois Municipal League, P.O. Box 3387, Springfield, IL 62708.)


Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory

An annual set with state-by-state, alphabetical, and subject speciality lists of attorneys. Probably the most complete listing of practicing lawyers available. Basic listings offer name, address, education, and telephone number. Additional paid listings offer further information.

Martindale-Hubbell also contains summaries of state and foreign laws, which can be quite useful in the absence of a large research library. It is available in print or CD-ROM formats, and on Lexis. (Order information: Martindale-Hubbell, 121 Chanlon Road, New Providence, NJ 07974. Phone: 800-526-4902. E-mail: info@martindale. com. Website: www.martindalehubbell. com.)


The National Directory of Expert Witnesses

Experts, consultants, and litigation support specialists in over 400 categories of technical, scientific and medical expertise. Available in print, or online (free of charge) at


State of Illinois Telephone Directory

Illinois agency addresses and phone numbers. (Order information: CMS Division of Telecommunications, 120 W. Jefferson, Springfield, IL 62756.)


State of Illinois County Officers

Name, party affiliation, phone, fax and year term expires for each office. (Order information: State Board of Elections, 1020 South Spring Street, P.O. Box 4187, Springfield, IL 62708. Phone: 217-782-4141.)


Sullivan's Law Directory for the State of Illinois

Volume I includes listing for Illinois attorneys and law firms, with areas of practice and (for those who pay a fee) attorney biographies. Volume II: government officials, jurisdictional maps, court reporters, legal organizations, Corporations, Bank and Trust Companies, and court rules for federal courts in Illinois and all 22 Illinois circuits (by the way, my apologies to the Sullivan's folks for failing to mention them in my article on court rules (see the November Journal)). (Order information: Law Bulletin Publishing, P.O. Box 643, Barrington, IL 60011. Phone: 847-381-2750.


Westlaw Legal Directory

Detailed information about law schools, firms, organizations, and lawyers, with an emphasis on aspects of interest to job-hunters. In general, this directory has more information, but far fewer entries, than the others listed here. (Order information: 1-800-WESTLAW.)


Who's Who in American Law

Background information on judges, lawyers, and politicians. Researchers should be aware that information in the Who's Who series is supplied by the listed party, and is not confirmed through other sources. (Order information: 121 Chanlon Road, New Provide Providence, NJ 07974.)


Jean McKnight is a computer services/reference librarian and associate professor at the Southern Illinois University School of Law.



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