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November 2014Volume 102Number 11Page 516

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President's Page

Join the ISBA President’s Club

Join the President's Club - and the elite Founders Circle - and help the ISBA serve members, the public, and the profession.

As we approach our Midyear meeting in December, I'd like to introduce you to a new program that will be an ongoing, yearly opportunity for members to show and be recognized for outstanding commitment to the Illinois State Bar Association. It's called the President's Club, and participants will sustain the ISBA for years to come. Beginning at this December's Midyear Meeting through March, you'll be able to join for the 2015 calendar year.

Club members will be listed on plaques at both the Chicago and Springfield offices and on the ISBA website in various places, including the member directory, where you'll be identified with a President's Club graphic icon. You'll receive a public "thank you" in the Illinois Bar Journal and recognition in Illinois Lawyer Now. We'll also waive the 2015 Annual and Midyear Meeting registration fees, which alone is a $150-$200 value. You'll get all this for a contribution of $250.

Those who make a commitment of $1,000 or more will join the Founders Circle, a special one-year-only opportunity. In addition to the benefits listed above, Founders Circle members will be pictured in the Illinois Bar Journal, receive a personal thanks in my President's Page, and get a special pin and an identifying badge at all Illinois State Bar Association events.

And what's the purpose? To support capital development projects and help the Illinois State Bar Association continue to deliver high quality member benefits. The program is strictly voluntary, of course. But if you've reached a level in your practice that enables you to contribute and make a difference for the Illinois State Bar Association, this is your opportunity.

I recognize that not all members will want to participate, but it is important that those who do be given the chance. I am committed to the President's Club and will be part of the Founders Circle. It's part of the giving-back process to show my continuing commitment to the ISBA and to support important capital development projects that help keep us in the front rank of state bar associations. Not everyone wants to run for president or otherwise serve in the leadership, and these new programs offer another way to stand up and be recognized for your commitment to the Illinois State Bar Association.

I hope to welcome many of you into the President's Club and the Founders Circle at the Midyear Meeting and give you the special recognition that you deserve for your philanthropic spirit and extraordinary commitment. Part of your reward will be to know you're helping the ISBA do capital improvement and pursue important programs. Please consider joining the effort.

Member Comments (1)

As a member since 1977 I am commited to our bar association and it's leadership. Membership in the ISBA has afforded me many opportunities personally and professionally that I would not otherwise have had but most of all the collegiality of our membership and the friendships I've acquired along the way are of greatest value. Participation in the fine work of our sections and committees gives all members an opportunity to be part of something they can be proud of. Being on the Board or in the Assembly gives every member an opportunity to have a voice in the path to our future a future that must move with the times and be one of inclusion representative of all our members. President Felice's development of the Founder's Circle and President's Club is but one way that members can contribute to maintain the vibrant organization that we all enjoy. Our commitments today insures the tomorrows. Al Durkin

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