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July 2015Volume 103Number 7Page 51

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Get Encrypted, Get Referrals…and Get a DUI App?

Protect your client's digital information

artwork for articleA recent post on ( explores four simple actions you can take to help protect your clients' digital information. First, you should be encrypting the files on your computer. It's usually as simple as a few clicks to change your settings, regardless of whether you're on a Mac or a PC.

Second, if you do anything with your clients' information while using a public Wi-Fi network, you should be using a virtual private network ("VPN"). A VPN is a third-party service that creates a secure connection to the Internet. It stops others on the network from seeing what you're doing online or accessing the attachments to any emails you might send.

Third, it is wise to use some form of two-factor authentication for logging into your computer and accounts. Once you have the system in place, logging into your computer and accounts requires your typical username and password, plus a code generated from an app on your phone or a code that is sent to your phone via text or email. Even if someone hacks your passwords, they can't access your computer or accounts without having your phone.

Finally, it should go without saying, that you must use good passwords. And a good password is one that is long and random. Don't use words that can be found in the dictionary and don't think you're being clever by simply replacing an "a" with an "@".

Use post-engagement calls to get client referrals

Scheduling a post-engagement review call after the successful completion of a client matter is a great way to stimulate future referrals, reports Mike O'Horo in Attorney at Work ( After the review conversation, segue by asking about how well you solved the client's problem. Ask what they liked best about working with you, and comment on how others likely face the same issues.

Next, mention that you learned a lot about the client's issue through the representation and that you'd like to understand it better, and ask if any of the client's contacts might be willing to share opinions on the issue with you. After probing for more names - and being careful to gather relevant contact info - ask the client what made him think of each name on the list.

Finally, ask the client if she would be willing to send an email introducing you to these contacts. Close the conversation by asking if there is any information you could gather from these contacts that might be beneficial to share with the client.

DUI: An app for that?

Martha Neil reports in the ABA Journal about the "Duey Dialer," a brand new app targeted at potential clients pulled over for drunk driving - and at DUI attorneys, apparently ( The driver activates the app with the touch of a button and it begins to record audio. If he or she doesn't deactivate the app within 45 minutes, it automatically sends the driver's name, location, contact info, and the audio recording to a lawyer. Attorneys pay to be associated with the app, and the potential clients download it for free.


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