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January 2016Volume 104Number 1Page 10

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President's Page

Schedule Time for Yourself

Umberto S. Davi

It's important to put "having a life" on your calendar.

Let me start by thanking all of the ISBA members who attended our Midyear Meeting at the Sheraton Hotel. It was an honor and a privilege to host the meeting as your president. I would also like to thank our ISBA staff for another productive and successful year.

While I thought I might write about New Year's Resolutions, I realize that it's far more important for us lawyers to address our ongoing need for a good work-life balance. It's a continuing challenge to balance work responsibilities with time for family, friends, community commitments, and outside interests.

Even after 30-plus years in practice, I still feel like I could work all day and barely keep up. And with technology making us accessible 24-7, we need more than ever to schedule "taking the time" for what brings us a measure of happiness and contentment. I find that when I schedule free time on my calendar it's more likely to happen and not get postponed.

In that spirit, I want to share photos of one way my family and I spend my time outside of my law practice. I've asked a few fellow ISBA members to do the same. Here's wishing a happy and prosperous New Year to all our members!

Umberto Davi and Bob LeGrosUmberto Davi

"It's no secret that I love all things motorized. Several times a year I schedule a three-day motorcycle ride on the back roads of the Midwest with my friend of 50-plus years, Bob LeGros. Riding through the beautiful countryside, free from the cell phone and conversations, allows my mind to wander, reflect, and plan for the future with no distractions. It is definitely not possible to have a legal discussion while riding a motorcycle."

BagpipesJerry Napleton, 2015-16 ISBA YLD Chair

"My distraction from the practice of law started as a way to combine my love of music, my heritage, and a growing affinity for Irish whiskey. The Shannon Rovers Irish Pipe Band, formed in 1926, is one of the oldest in the U.S., and I'm lucky enough to play the bagpipes with them. One thing's for sure - my family and neighbors would much prefer to hear me practice my arguments than my pipes."

Hon. Linda Davenport and Joe FortunatoHon. Linda Davenport, DuPage County Circuit Court, with husband and lawyer Joe Fortunato

"My favorite way to keep myself sane and my blood pressure low is to sit and read old (I mean 200 years old) Italian birth, death, and marriage records. My favorite place to do this is in southern Italy, but when all else fails, it's in a genealogy library. Since my family arrived in the U.S. about 400 years ago, I believe this love of everything Italian comes from being Italian in another life."

Jack Carey and Umberto DaviJack Carey, ISBA Past President

"I enjoy snow skiing in Winter Park, Colorado. I also like sailing, boating, and fishing in the summer; gardening; composting; feeding birds throughout the year, bee keeping and hanging out with dear friends whom I've met over a nearly 40 year career."

Race carDion Davi, Past Under-37 Member, ISBA Board of Governors

"I've been an amateur racer in one form of motorsports or another since acquiring my driver's license. I've raced with the Porsche Club of America throughout the Midwest and east coast at famous race tracks such as Road America, Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta, and Sebring."

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