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March 2016Volume 104Number 3Page 12

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President's Page

The President’s Club Needs You!

Umberto S. Davi

There's still time to join the 2016 ISBA President's Club and help build a stronger ISBA.

Immediate Past President Rick Felice introduced a program last year that enables members to strengthen the ISBA and earn special recognition without investing long hours of volunteer time. It's called the President's Club, and participants will help the ISBA complete important capital projects, like much-needed renovations for the Springfield office, and sustain and expand programs for members.

I'm pleased to announce that the President's Club is again open for annual membership. It's important to act now, though: your opportunity to join for the 2016 calendar year closes March 31.

President's Club membership will earn you more than the feeling of satisfaction that comes with giving back to the profession, though you will get that. Like any good club, this one comes with valuable benefits - so valuable they make joining a great investment.

For their contribution of $250, President's Club members will

  • be listed on plaques at both the Chicago and Springfield offices and on the President's Club page on the ISBA website;
  • be identified in the ISBA online member directory with a President's Club graphic icon (pictured here);
  • receive a public "thank you" in the Illinois Bar Journal and recognition in Illinois Lawyer Now;
  • last but certainly not least, enjoy a waiver of 2016 Annual and Midyear Meeting registration fees, which alone is a $150-$200 value.

Your contribution will help support capital development projects, including making the ISBA's 49-year-old Springfield headquarters more accessible to members and other visitors and doing other overdue upgrades. You'll also be investing in quality member benefits and programming.

No one has to join the President's Club. But if you've reached a level in your practice that enables you to pay back the profession and pay it forward for the next generation of lawyers, please consider making this commitment.

President's ClubI can't say it better than Rick Felice did when he introduced the President's Club: "I recognize that not all members will want to participate, but it is important that those who do be given the chance. I am committed to the President's Club. It's part of the giving-back process to show my continuing commitment to the ISBA and to support important capital development projects that help keep us in the front rank of state bar associations. Not everyone wants to run for president or otherwise serve in the leadership, and these new programs offer another way to stand up and be recognized for your commitment to the Illinois State Bar Association."

Please join the effort by signing up before the end of this month at

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