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Articles From Susan T. Bart

Trusts & Trustees Act Modernized: Decanting and Directed Trusts By Mary D. Cascino, Lyman W. Welch, and Susan T. Bart November 2012 Article, Page 596 Effective January 1, the Act gives estate planners two powerful new tools. Find out what they can do for your clients.
New Law Promotes Private Trust-Administration Agreements By Lyman W. Welch and Susan T. Bart November 2009 Article, Page 562 The new Illinois virtual representation law allows more trustees and beneficiaries to resolve trust matters by private agreement.
This is Me Leaving You: Illinois Departs from the Federal Estate Tax Scheme By Susan T. Bart January 2004 Article, Page 20 A critical look at legislation "decoupling" Illinois' estate tax from the federal credit.