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Articles From Timothy L. Bertschy

Personal Liability of an Executor or Trustee - Time for a Change By Timothy L. Bertschy March 2010 Article, Page 140 Illinois' common law too often makes estate and trust executors and trustees personally liable to third parties, the author argues.
The Power Behind the Robe: A Primer on Contempt Law By Timothy L. Bertschy and Nathaniel E. Strickler May 2009 Article, Page 246 The power of contempt is a confusing mix of civil and criminal law concepts overlaid with constitutional implications. Here's a review.
A Year of Challenge and Joy By Timothy L. Bertschy June 1999 Column, Page 296 As my term as ISBA president comes to a close, I reflect on a year of constant challenge and joy.
The Lawyer As Public Citizen By Timothy L. Bertschy May 1999 Column, Page 236 Lawyers have a unique heritage as public citizens.
A Level Field for Death Penalty Cases By Timothy L. Bertschy April 1999 Column, Page 184 When Illinois re-enacted the death penalty in 1977, the General Assembly and the criminal justice system made a legal and moral commitment to the people of Illinois that, if executions take place in their name, they would be done right.
Finding and Citing Law in the Information Age By Timothy L. Bertschy March 1999 Column, Page 124 One of the fundamental tasks of a lawyer is to find the law and communicate that authority to others.
Judges, the Gift Ban Act, and the Constitution By Timothy L. Bertschy February 1999 Column, Page 68 One of the more celebrated accomplishments of the Illinois General Assembly in 1998 was passage of ethics legislation imposing limits on gifts and contributions to state office holders and candidates for those offices.
LAP Needs Our Assistance Now By Timothy L. Bertschy January 1999 Column, Page 8 The Lawyers Assistance Program ("LAP'') has helped hundreds of lawyers over the last two decades. LAP now needs our help.
Season’s Greetings By Timothy L. Bertschy December 1998 Column, Page 656 Season's Greetings The Bertschys  Tim, Janet, Pierce and Lauren
Do We Speak for Our Profession? By Timothy L. Bertschy November 1998 Column, Page 588 I was recently asked to speak for our profession on a particular issue.