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Articles From Joseph G. Bisceglia

A Busy Year Comes to an End By Joseph G. Bisceglia June 2008 Column, Page 276 A look at how the ISBA's important work advanced this year.
The “Lawyer” Who Shot Liberty Valance By Joseph G. Bisceglia May 2008 Column, Page 228 A lesson on the rule of law from the old West.
Professionalism and Civility in an Adversary System By Joseph G. Bisceglia April 2008 Column, Page 172  Incivility tarnishes our image and makes practice less rewarding.
Happy Birthday to Law Day and Mr. Lincoln By Joseph G. Bisceglia March 2008 Column, Page 116 The ISBA looks ahead to the Great Emancipator's 200th birthday.
Midterm Report By Joseph G. Bisceglia February 2008 Column, Page 64 Where we are with CLE, UPL and more.
ADR and the Image of Lawyers By Joseph G. Bisceglia January 2008 Column, Page 8 “Lawyer-peacemaker” is the right image for our profession.
It’s A (Wonderful) Lawyer’s Life By Joseph G. Bisceglia December 2007 Column, Page 620 Your community would be a poorer place without you. 
Remember to Give Back By Joseph G. Bisceglia November 2007 Column, Page 568 In a season of plenty, don't forget the less fortunate. Here are ways lawyers can help.
CSI, Judge Judy and Civic Education By Joseph G. Bisceglia October 2007 Column, Page 508 Public fascination with the justice system gives lawyers an opening to teach lay people about the law.
Judicial Evaluation -De Facto Merit Selection? By Joseph G. Bisceglia September 2007 Column, Page 452 By educating voters, bar groups can counter special interests.
Bar Service: You Get More than You Give By Joseph G. Bisceglia August 2007 Column, Page 396 Renew the idealism that inspired you to become a lawyer.
Thoughts for the Year Ahead By Joseph G. Bisceglia July 2007 Column, Page 340 The coming year will feature initiatives on lawyers' image, diversity, and judicial independence.