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Articles From Aaron W. Brooks

What HIPAA’s Privacy Regs Mean for Employers and Group Health Plans By Aaron W. Brooks April 2003 Article, Page 192 Guidance for lawyers and their employer clients.
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: Does it Apply to You? By Aaron W. Brooks and Megan G. Heeg August 2002 Article, Page 412 Many argue that GLBA's disclosure and other requirements apply to lawyers. Here's what to do.
The Cautious Interplay Between Trademarks and Internet Domain Name By Aaron W. Brooks February 2000 Article, Page 74 Find out what to do when your client’s trademark has been registered as someone else’s domain name.
The Business Attorney’s Guide to Trade Names By Aaron W. Brooks October 1999 Article, Page 526 Selecting the right business name isn't as simple as you might think. Here's a primer for Illinois lawyers.