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Articles From Kerry J. Bryson

Polygraph Exams in Sex-Offense Cases By Kerry J. Bryson October 2008 Article, Page 528 Despite doubts about their reliability, polygraph exams are required in sex-offense cases. This article discusses the law.
The Naked Truth: Fourth Amendment Lessons from the Supreme Court By Kerry J. Bryson July 2007 Article, Page 360 A review of recent home-search cases from the U.S. Supreme Court, including the Rettele "naked search" case from May.
The Illinois Post-Conviction Hearing Act Revisited By Kerry J. Bryson June 2006 Article, Page 310 A review of recent statutory amendments to and supreme court decisions interpreting the Act.
Recent Miranda Rulings Complicate an Already Complex Standard By Kerry J. Bryson February 2005 Article, Page 76 Last year, the US. and Illinois Supreme Courts issued Miranda opinions – and the issue remains as confusing as ever.
A Guide to the Illinois Post-Conviction Hearing Act By Kerry J. Bryson May 2003 Article, Page 248 The Act allows prisoners to pursue claims neglected on direct appeal or based on facts not in the record.