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Articles From Geoffrey Burkhart

A Guide to the Confrontation Clause By Geoffrey Burkhart June 2013 Article, Page 304 When does the Sixth Amendment require prosecutors to produce a live witness rather than an out-of-court statement against a defendant? Here's a look at the latest developments.
Guilty Pleas and Parole: A Practitioner’s Guide to People v Whitfield By Geoffrey Burkhart November 2011 Article, Page 580 Whitfield creates a remedy for defendants who took negotiated pleas without being told they must also do "mandatory supervised release" (aka parole). This article explores the law.
Voir Dire in Criminal Cases - Rule 431(b) Guidance for Lawyers and Judges By Geoffrey Burkhart February 2010 Article, Page 86 A supreme court rule requires judges to ask potential jurors whether they understand and accept four fundamental principles of criminal law. But following the rule is easier said than done.