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Articles From Paul D. Callister

Getting Your Research Bearings; Dead Reckoning v the Sextant By Paul D. Callister January 2004 Column, Page 49 Sometimes research still works best with books, and sometimes it works better on the computer. We're still trying to figure out why and when.
The “Science” of Citation Analysis By Paul D. Callister September 2003 Column, Page 473 Is legal research a science grounded in precise measurements or is it an art based on subjective editorial judgments? And does it matter?
Legal Research and the Ballad of John Henry By Paul D. Callister May 2003 Column, Page 261 The rise of electronic sources has changed legal research forever, and it may be changing the nature of law itself.
Working the Problem By Paul D. Callister January 2003 Column, Page 43 Some leading litigation-related online resources.