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Articles From Michael G. Cortina

Confessions of an Illinois Judgment By Michael G. Cortina November 2010 Article, Page 578 As more loans go bad, banks looking to collect from defaulting borrowers are turning to judgments by confession. Here's how they work.
Banks and Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas: Resolving the Hobbesian Dilemma By Michael G. Cortina April 2006 Article, Page 200 Try not to let your bank clients get caught between the conflicting dictates of state and federal privacy laws.
Citations Versus Non-Wage Garnishments: Which is Right for Your Collection Case? By Michael G. Cortina July 2005 Article, Page 362 This article discusses the two principal devices for reaching a judgment debtor's assets held by banks and other non-employer third parties.
Mechanics Liens and Slander of Title: The Case for Absolute Privilege By Michael G. Cortina May 2004 Article, Page 267 The author argues that mechanics-lien filers are protected from slander of title claims by the privilege for statements made during litigation.