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Articles From Larry A. Davis

What’s New in Traffic Law for 2014 By Larry A. Davis and Thomas C. Speedie November 2014 Article, Page 532 Are you a lawyer who represents drivers, or maybe one who gets behind the wheel from time to time? Here are nine important traffic law developments.
The Medical Cannabis Act and Illinois DUI Law By Larry A. Davis March 2014 Article, Page 128 The Medical Cannabis Act makes important changes to DUI law, some of which are likely to inspire litigation.
The Monitored Device Driving Permit: What Practitioners Need to Know By Larry A. Davis October 2011 Article, Page 506 Illinois replaced the judicial driving permit with the monitored device driving permit ("MDDP"), which requires a large number of DUI offenders to use a breath interlock device. This article reviews the law and recent changes.
Demystifying Illinois DUI Sentencing By Larry A. Davis July 2009 Article, Page 352 Presenting Illinois’ confusing DUI sentencing options as a chart enables practitioners to see at a glance which penalties their clients face.
Representing DUI Revoked or Suspended Drivers Before the Secretary of State By Larry A. Davis June 2002 Article, Page 292 A step-by-step guide to helping clients seek restoration of their driving privileges.
New DUI, Traffic Laws Stiffen Penalties By Larry A. Davis December 2001 Article, Page 651 Three new acts increase the penalty for driving while revoked and DUI offenses.