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Articles From Karen J. Dilibert

Ten Easy Things New Lawyers Can Do to Mess up Their Careers By Karen J. Dilibert October 2002 Column, Page 557 A career is a terrible thing to waste; but if you insist, here's how to do it.
Taking the Hell Out of LPL By Karen J. Dilibert August 2002 Column, Page 431 Do you really know what malpractice coverage you're getting under a "claims made and reported" policy? And what does "full prior acts" mean? Read on and make yourself a more informed consumer of lawyers' professional liability (LPL) insurance.
More Bread, Fewer Claims By Karen J. Dilibert June 2002 Column, Page 321 Want to increase your chances of collecting fees while sending clients away happy; or at least not fighting mad? Then read on.
You Can’t Take It with You (and You Can’t Sell It, Either) By Karen J. Dilibert April 2002 Column, Page 213 Given that Illinois sole practitioners can't sell their practices, how can they prepare for death or retirement? This article discusses the problem and outlines a few steps solos can take on behalf of clients and family.
Getting Real-World Advice on Ethical Dilemmas By Karen J. Dilibert February 2002 Column, Page 99 Don't let your brainchildren be like the proverbial cobbler's shoeless kids; lawyer, protect your IP rights.
The Mysterious Case of the Missing Client By Karen J. Dilibert December 2001 Column, Page 663 That filing deadline looms and you can't find your client; now what do you do?
How to Spot the Client from Hell By Karen J. Dilibert November 2001 Article, Page 591 Learn how to identify the prospective clients you should turn away.
The Letterhead Name Game By Karen J. Dilibert October 2001 Column, Page 545 What's in that name on your firm's letterhead? Trouble, if you don't mind your ps and qs.
Closing Pandora’s Box for Workers’ Comp Lawyers By Karen J. Dilibert August 2001 Column, Page 435 The recently issued Keef decision seems to open a Pandora's Box of malpractice plagues for workers' comp attorneys. Or does it?
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Law Firm By Karen J. Dilibert June 2001 Column, Page 323 Before you jump on the train, Jane, read about how tricky it can be to say farewell to your old firm and start or join a new one.
Ten Tips for Responding to an ARDC Inquiry By Karen J. Dilibert April 2001 Column, Page 213 Being the subject of an ARDC grievance is a lawyer's nightmare. Here's what to do; and what not to; if it happens to you.